Meat Slicer


Sturdy and reliable, this meat slicer is ideal for producing consistently sliced ham, beef, poultry or vegetables with the minimum of fuss. It ensures perfect portion control and reduced waste thanks to its precise side mounted adjustable thickness control and super-sharp blade. When you’ve finished slicing, the whole machine is easily disassembled for thorough and hygienic cleaning. Safe, powerful and simple to use.

Plesae note: not suitable for slicing cheese.

Imperial Volume:
Metric Volume: 2x 4 liter

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Deep Fat Fryer – Double 2 x 4 Litre.  Versatile, flexible and economic – use both fryers when busy and one when quiet.  Lift out control panel and element.  Thermostatic control for consistent results.  Recommended frying weight: 0.7kg per tank.  Fail safe top temperature cut out.  Batter plate, stainless steel lid and baskets supplied.  Capacity 2x 4Ltr.  Dimensions 315(H)x 540(W)x 400(D)mm.  Fuel Type Single Phase. Output – Chips/hr: 17kg (37lb) from frozen, 21kg (46lb) from chilled.  Power Type 2x 3kW, 2x 13A.  Temperature Range 130°C to 190°C.  Voltage 230V.  Weight 14kg.